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Ann's Kickass Crew Fundraising Page

Ann Gentle
This year, it's "All About E!"

My fundraising efforts and rides this year are dedicated to E, that's "Anne with an E" Anne Macklin, a long-time supporter of Wear Yellow Nebraska and a dear friend who lost her life to cancer in December.

Please help me honor E in your support of Wear Yellow Nebraska, an organization that provides real-time, practical help for local cancer patients by providing rides to treatment.

Wear Yellow Nebraska is an all-volunteer organization, so every dollar you donate helps cancer patients. Would you please consider making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page? Additionally, you can ask me how you too can get involved with this wonderful group.

Back by popular demand - the Kickass Crew pin! The only way you can earn one of these pins is by joining my team -- you're part of a very exclusive club! Joining my team means registering to ride as an actual or virtual rider, or donating to WYN via this page or in my name / in the name of the KickAss Crew. Do it for E.

Photos of you in your WYN gear (especially sporting your KickAss Crew pin!) and photos of Anne are most welcome - send them to me and I'll rotate them in display on the Team Page.

Thank you

E photo by Kelli Sweet! 2020 ride moved to Saturday, August 15th.


Anne in a hat.............photographer unknown


raised of $200 goal

Recent Donations

1. Drew Hallock & Kelli Sweet
In support of Ann and in celebration of Anne Macklin's life well lived. Two amazing cancer warriors! Ride on!
2. Ann Gentle
3. Ann Gentle

Team Ann's Kickass Crew